UVB lighting in the terrarium

UVB light in the terrarium for reptiles

The UVB light in the terrarium should best mimic the natural UVB radiation of the species in the natural habitat. Our opinion is that all animals - regardless of the habitat – should have shady retreat areas in the terrarium. The animal is to decide when it wants to retreat. Reptiles Expert recommends solutions based on the following important factors:
• The species of the reptile – some animal needs more (desert) or less UVB light (rainforest)
• The power of the artificial UVB source (dependent on technology and the age of the bulb)
• The distance of the animal from the UVB source
• The daily average radiation time

The basis for our recommendation is the UVB MATRIX. Here you will find for the most important species of reptiles the appropriate UVB lamps with ideal distance and radiation time. We think, that a longer period of radiation with low intensity is better for the animals than short radiations with high power (exception: controlled medical treatments because of illnesses).
In extensive test series Reptiles Expert has tested the products. UVB is measured in uW / cm² (microwatt per square centimeter). For the measurement broadband spectrometers (Solarmeter 6.2) were used. The global maximum values are in desert regions around 460 uW / cm ² and in moderate latitudes during summer 260 uW / cm². However, animals do not sit all day - especially at noon - in the sun, they often avoid the maximum values . Therefore so extreme values are not necessary and in our opinion also harmful. The UVB bulb should be mounted overheads directly above the animal. The eyes of the reptile should therefore not be directly exposed to radiation to avoid kerato conjunctivitis photo – which is similar to snow blindness.

The Reptiles Expert product range:

ExpertUV has three different UVB products with the latest technologies in the program :
- UVB energy-saving compact lamps
- UVB metal halide lamps